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We creating a virtual Art experience, both
immersive & interactive

  • purpose-built 3D art spaces where artists, creators, and galleries can present their work

  • with integrated communication tools with both, video and chat function to chat with your audience

  • buy and sell art, without the boundaries of geography, opening hours, or other limitations – your artistic freedom is a click away

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Digitize and Preserve Your Art

Digitize your art and display it in our Artverse.
Register artworks on blockchain to preserve physical pieces.


Grow Physical Art Sales

Show more artworks and expand gallery space economically.
Have all of your artworks on display digitally 24/7.


Discover Digital Art Sales

Increase revenue and re-sale revenue from digitised art sales via smart contracts.
Create NFT´s of your physical art.



The most profound change in the way we can consume art at your fingertips.
Stay ahead in the digital transformation.


Reach Global Audience

Get access to new art collectors and new markets and new time zones!
Get access to buyers in both traditional currency and crypto.


Marketing And PR And Community

ANASAEA provides marketing/ PR to expose your collections to new customers.
Be a part of our engaged art community.


Art Meets Technology: A Journey to the Frontier of Web3 and Creativity

Discover the Intersection of Art and Web3 Technology: A Thrilling New Frontier!

Join us on a journey to explore the exciting world of art and web3 technology. Discover how cutting-edge advancements in blockchain and digital currencies are shaping the future of the art world.

Immerse yourself in a vibrant community of creatives, technologists, and visionaries who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Get ready to be inspired and learn how you can be a part of this groundbreaking movement!


Step with us into the Artverse

Each letter of ANASAEA stands for one of the 7 continents of the world and is in line with our goal of globalization and democratization of the art world.

Meet – Share – Create in the Artverse.

Experience with one click from any device.

Sample of Artists

Stefan Sagmeister’s speeches bring listeners on to a captivating tour of his lifetime achievements. His aptitude for fine art and current position as graphic designer and typographer with his personal organization Sagmeister Inc, founded in 1993, have allowed him to produce epic album covers for iconic bands like the Rolling Stones, OK Go and Lou Reed.

Sagmeister began his fame-ridden career when he was just 15, landing a position with an Australian publication entitled ‘Alphorn.’ He later went on to pursue his education at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, where he graduated with a degree in the field of graphic design. His notorious collaborations with Leo Burnett’s Hong Kong’s Design Group and Tibor Kalman’s M&Co; coincide with his impressive attainment of the Pratt Institute Fulbright scholarship award. 


American, born 1978, New York City, NY, United States, based in Paris, France Paris-based, Horowitz was raised in New York City and Bovina. His work begins with the acknowledgment of past histories, traumas, and memories; his paintings are a process of both labor and repair. Horowitz incorporates painting, stitching, sewing, and more recently, cyanotype, into his layered compositions to bring different sources, registers of time, and storytelling into a common plane. 
For the past years, Horowitz has been working on an extensive research project called Souvenirs Futures joining found photographic images from the Bibliotheque National in Paris with hand-applied marks, and cyanotypes into complex compositions. These elements are sewn and stitched together, a process the artist likens to the act of repair, as well as a practical and liberating process that relieves Horowitz of the traditional painterly decision-making processes.

His imagery—often drawn from childhood memories—incorporates archetypal metaphors, such as sailboats, summer pastimes, photographs of forgotten princesses, and idyllic landscapes, to trigger emotional responses and personal memories in the viewer.

Artworks created in residency at Osmos Station by invitation of Cay Sophie Rabinowitz and Christian Rattemeyer.

Artpieces in ANASAEA:
Souvenirs Futurs


Catherine Lee is a highly respected contemporary artist, known for her striking and evocative paintings. Born in London, she studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, where she honed her unique style and aesthetic. Her work delves into themes of identity, memory, and emotions, drawing inspiration from her multicultural background and extensive travels. Her paintings are characterized by an abstract and expressive approach, with bold brushstrokes and a powerful use of color, imbuing her canvases with a sense of movement and energy.


Her artwork has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in galleries around the world, including the prestigious MoMA in New York and Tate Modern in London, and has been collected by both private and institutional collectors. Currently, her artwork is on display at the “Smithson Gallery” in New York and “Contemporary Art London” in London. She is also actively involved in the art community, participating in artist residencies and workshops to share her knowledge and inspire the next generation of artists.


Norbert Brunner
(born 1969, Hohenems, Austria) is an Austrian object, conceptual and installation artist. Brunner’s mirror objects reflect not only the viewer, but also superimpose messages across their visual path, insisting they become an interactive part of the installation. He studied on the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Currently, Brunner lives and works in Vienna and New York City.

Happy Particles

Yuliya Vladkovska often use painting as a means for sharing personal stories with complex psychological themes,
recreated childhood memories, and visions from her extensive travels to memorable and iconic
places around the world. She likes the idea of giving life to the fleeting experiences and impressions.

Sigrid Herler


Sigrid Herler attended the State Institute of Art in Austria with the address of sculpture. During the school’s summer holidays she participates in various restoration stages, the techniques used are fresco and stucco. She began to make cultural exchanges with a school in Rome, ISA Roma II, and deepening her knowledge of the organizers, she has the opportunity to stay in Rome, a week before the exchanges, to do an internship on stone processing. In the Austrian school she participates in an outdoor sculpture competition, winning 2nd prize with an abstract wooden sculpture.
In Rome she then resumed art more on painting for reasons of space. In the meantime, experimenting with light, color and transparencies, she begins to reflect in the painting the urban solar atmosphere that the city she knows better and better both from the cinema screens and from exploratory trips by bike. Installations could also be hoped for by inserting lights into the support, light sources in different points that reach an installation that involves space and light and the vibration of color on transparencies with more or less uniform trends that follow a certain uniformity.


Sample of Galleries

Berlin I Wien


Galerie Crone was founded in 1982 by Ascan Crone and Mechthild von Dannenberg in Hamburg. In the almost 40 years of its existence, the gallery has made its mark as an essential part and driving force of the international art market. Crone runs a gallery and a project space, both in Vienna and Berlin. It thus has four locations at which it shows a total of 24 solo and group exhibitions per year.

Crone’s programmatic focus is contemporary art that addresses social realities and political challenges with an aesthetic awareness. The gallery represents artists of various generations, origins, cultural backgrounds, and sexual orientation who are united by their desire for an open, tolerant, enlightened society and culture. Their work encompasses the entire range of artistic practices, media, and approaches, from painting and sculpture to installation and time-based art.

In the past five years artists represented by Crone have participated in Documenta, the Venice Biennale, theLyon Biennale, Sharjah Biennial, and Curitiba Biennial. Their artwork is found in major private and institutional collections, from the MoMA in New York and the Centre Pompidou in Paris to the Museum Ludwig in Cologne and the Albertina in Vienna.

Crone regularly takes part in major international art fairs, including the Armory Show, New York, Arco, Madrid, Artissima, Turin, Art Cologne, Paris Photo, and Viennacontemporary among others.

Upcoming Fairs:

Vienna Contemporary

September 8 – 11, 2022


Wien, Austria

Curated by

September 9 – 11,. 2022

Wien, Austria

Armory Show 

September 9 – 11, 2022

Javits Center 

New York, USA

Paris Photo

November 10 – 13, 2022

Paris, France

Art Cologne

November 16 – 20, 2022

Köln, Germany

Arco Madrid

February 22 – 26, 2023

Madrid, Spain

Gallery Weekend Berlin

April 27 – 30, 2023

Berlin, Germany



  • more than 20 years experience in buying and selling Old Masters, Impressionist and Modern Art
  • advising important collections around the world
  • publicly appointed and certified art expert for the German courts

I started out in the art world in 1995 as an intern at Christie’s New York in the Old Master paintings department. Subsequently I studied Art History, Theology and Anthropology at the LMU University ofMunich. Already as a student I began to buy and sell independently and was also a painting scout for Bernheimer Fine Old Masters, Munich and Colnaghi, London. At the same time I worked part-time at the Neue Pinakothek in the 19th century department as well as for the Max Beckmann Archive and after graduation full-time at the Pinakothek der Moderne in the Modern art department. After experiencing the museum world for a couple of years, I worked for Galerie Kornfeld, Bern, and then decided to focus on my career as an independent art dealer. My love, passion and expertise are in exceptional paintings, drawings and prints in all price ranges. I can frequently achieve substantial deals in the field of Old Masters, Impressionist and Modern art.


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For Galleries

It’s the chance to operate a second showroom, in high resolution 3D, accessible 365-days a year, without the financial overheads associated with a physical gallery: doubling or tripling exhibition capacity, allowing you to exhibit more of the artists on your roster per year (or stock in storage), and reaching out to a truly global collector base.

For Artists

Create your own spaces to display your art and engage with art lovers from all over the world.

Display as many art pieces as you want without the limitation of physical space. 

For Collectors

ANASAEA provides more access, more choice, more convenient ways to engage with galleries, artists and art. 

Discover art from all world in high resolution without the need to travel every time


it broadens art horizons by giving greater access to the world’s art, a more sustainable way to present and transact art.

Art without Borders - available for all people, in all places, at all times, representing all art forms.

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We are passionate about seeing the art world well represented in a unique digital forum.

Our ambition is to see more galleries and artists share their works with more people across more markets, expanding the world of art to reach and connect with more people.

We offer an end-to-end service to help digitalize and seamlessly move to the METAVERSE. 

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ANASAEA is an online 3D art fair that allows art enthusiasts to view, buy, and exhibit art from the comfort of their own home or on the go. Unlike traditional physical art fairs or exhibitions, ANASAEA is available 24/7 and accessible to anyone with an internet connection from anywhere in the world. ANASAEA offers an immersive and interactive art experience, allowing users to explore and engage with their surroundings and other users as if they were in a shared physical space. Experience art in a new dimension and discover the possibilities of the virtual art world with ANASAEA.

ANASAEA is revolutionizing the art world by providing the first-ever virtual 3D fine art space in the metaverse. Not only does ANASAEA offer the infrastructure to host this unique platform, but it also creates and mints NFTs to ensure the authenticity and ownership of the art. Additionally, ANASAEA provides a secure environment for art enthusiasts to network and socialize within the art community. Join ANASAEA and be a part of the future of art by experiencing art in the virtual world, owning unique digital assets and connecting with like-minded individuals.


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Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have recently taken the art world by storm. Using blockchain technology, NFTs provide a new way for artists, galleries, and collectors to authenticate, prove ownership, and sell digital art. In our blog, we’ll explore the significance of NFTs in the art world and how they can benefit artists, galleries, and collectors.

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